New Retro Heart Films promo film!

We’re excited to share our newest promotional film. Our films are fully customizable, they’re a great way to finally organize your photos and videos, and they make GREAT gifts! Here are some options for your film, just to name a few:

Super 8mm filter OR Standard HD

Color OR black & white

Seamless fade transitions OR quick cuts

Videos OR pictures OR both!

Grandparents Day Films

The countdown is on! Only 1 1/2 weeks until Grandparents Day!

Now, this isn’t a holiday that’s normally on our radar. At least not enough. But during these Covid days, when grandparents aren’t able to see and hold their grandbabies as much as they’d love to, why not show them some extra love and appreciation?

Check out our compilation of Grandparents’ Day films. Just think what we could do with the videos in your phone, and how it would warm the heart of a very special Nana or Papa.

We’ve created this video in BOTH formats; Super 8mm and Standard HD, so you can see what would be best for you!

Yep, we do films in Standard HD too

It’s true, we at Retro Heart Films are (clearly) obsessed with the look of Super 8mm film. Our clients tend to like it too, so you’ll see it on most of our projects. But, if the crisp, clear, current look of your cell phone videos just the way they are is more your style, fear not! We’ve got you covered.

Here’s a Father’s Day film we did without adding the Super 8 effect. Still just as charming!

Our Father’s Day Films!

Here’s a little compilation of the Father’s Day films we made for clients this year. It feels so special to be a part of creating memories for all these awesome daddies!

Check it out… and make sure to watch with the sound on for the full effect!

Who’s the special person in your life you could make a film for….?

Father’s Day is right around the corner!

We’ve been busy creating some very special videos for some very special daddies the past few weeks, and we can’t wait to hear how they all loved their custom films! Check out our Father’s Day ad in case you missed it. Maybe you can gather up some videos to make one for next year! Or for his birthday, or for Valentines Day… the gift possibilities are endless!

Welcome to Retro Heart Films

Please take your time to poke around our website, see what we’re about, see some samples of what we do, and get your questions answered.
We can’t wait to discuss your project with you and create something truly special that you can proudly share with your friends and family, and cherish forever.